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Podiatry versus chiropody

We are often asked what is the difference?

What is the difference between a podiatrist and a chiropodist?

A chiropodist / podiatrist diagnoses and treats disorders, diseases and deformities of the feet.

The two titles are often interchangeable, especially in the UK. The title of chiropodist is usually the older name for a podiatrist.

The title of chiropodist and podiatrist are both protected titles in law! 

Why the two titles?

It is understood that while both terms are the same, that the UK and the USA led the way with the term podiatrist. This was due to confusion in the late 50's and 60's with chiropractors and chiropodists. To resolve confusion the term podiatry was continued. The majority of those that gained qualification in the 1990's will be known as podiatrists, although for the purposes of advertising services; they may use the title of chiropodist.

Is there a regulator for podiatrists and chiropodists?

Yes, in the early 2000's the HCPC [health care professions council] became a regulator of the profession and anyone regulated by them had to undergo a recognised qualification 

To make things even more confusing, there are also foot health practitioners or aka fhp's. Fhp's aren't regulated by the HCPC but do a lot of what would be classed as routine foot care, such as nail cutting for example. Fhp's may or may not be registered with an alternative body, as it isn't a requirement for them to do so. Examples of this may be:, or the professional standards website.

So who do I need for my foot ailment?

This will depend, in part, what the issue is. Speak to the branch directly on our clinic locations page.  Or speak to our podiatry manager through the enquiry page, our podiatrists can provide a full and thorough consultation in clinic and advise you on the appropriate practitioner to see, it may be continued care on a plan with them or for lesser problems and within the remit of an alternative practitioner. 

Using private medical insurance to pay for treatment
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Ways to pay for private foot care using the FOOT CARE group

Private foot care is much more affordable than you may think!

There are multiple ways you can pay for your foot care:

  1. Pay in full with pay-as-you-go, use the book treatment page, over the telephone or in one of our clinics.

  2. Sign up or enquire for the FOOT CARE Plus Rewards plan to cover the cost of treatment, spread out or as ongoing care for routine treatment.

  3. Using your private medical insurance for pay-as-you-go or to cover your FOOT CARE Plus Rewards plan, such as Simplyhealth, Vitality or Health shield.

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