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From £25.99 per month, cover all of your foot care needs

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Join our Rewards Plan today and receive between 10% on our routine plan and 50% off with our premium plan across any* brand in store today, or anytime during the lifetime of your plan, plan type specific

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Choice of plans unlike any other

Are you looking for a more affordable and convenient way to cover the cost of your foot health needs? 


Our FOOT CARE Plus Rewards plans make it super easy to pay for your treatment.

Once you sign up you can experience the convenience of having your foot health needs taken care of.

Foot care plus rewards

More reasons to join the FOOT CARE Plus Rewards Plan

If the convenience of keeping your foot care needs up to date isn't enough, we also offer affordability and unmatched rewards.


Simply by choosing a FOOT CARE Plus Rewards Care Plan you'll receive a more affordable and complete way to better foot health and way to cover the costs. Our FOOT CARE Plus Rewards Care Plans inclusively cover: 1-2-1 private consultation[s], foot care treatment, foot-health check-up's and welfare checks, doppler diagnostics [pulses] and 10% off any* of the brands in our stores. We also offer convenient ways to cover the costs of treatments like cryotherapy [for verrucae], toenail removal surgery and more.

What does the 1-2-1 private consultation[s] cover?

Covers private 1-2-1 consultation with a practitioner, consisting of quality one on one time to discuss any foot health related issues, assessment and examinations. If further discussions are to be made or a second opinion is required, your practitioner will decide if appropriate to do so and to better the service you receive, you'll receive further 1-2-1 appointments- all covered under your FOOT CARE Plus Rewards Care Plan, these will be rebooked at reception as appropriate.


What does the foot care treatment in my plan cover?

In addition to a private 1-2-1 consultation, all FOOT CARE Plus Rewards Care Plan's are inclusive of routine care, such as: treatment -of corns and safe removal, calluses, rough, tough skin, nail care, cutting, filing, trimming and ingrowing toenail problems treated, application of cream. All maintained over a course of appointments at times and dates to suit you and your practitioner.


Extended plans have further options and can include other treatment options such as cryotherapy, bio mechanical assessments [for orthotics] or flexible payment options for toenail removal surgery. We understand that not all patients are the same, so we've covered the essential, maintaining foot care options in all of our plan types, Should you require a little more attention- we've covered that too!

What do the foot-health check-up's and welfare checks include?

As standard, all FOOT CARE Plus Rewards Care Plan's include foot-health check-up's and welfare checks.

How does this work?

Your practitioner may ask you attend sooner than your usual appointment date to check on the results of a treatment or to further treat a nail that has been giving you ongoing issues. Welfare checks are carried out regularly by the receptionist team over the telephone, we do these to ensure all is well with your foot-health, and whether a foot-health check-up is required.

What can I use my 10%-50% off reward for?

Get 10%-50% off footwear, foot care products and accessories throughout the time you are on the FOOT CARE Plus Rewards Plan, additionally includes seasonal items, umbrellas, scarves, gloves and our Christmas and gift events. Find foot care from brands like Scholl, footwear from well known brands such as Skechers or our new wider fitting range from DB 'easy B', orthotics from FootActive or FootBalance Custom insoles, Daktarin, Flexitol, Lamisil. Creams and sprays or medical devices recommended by your practitioner, or your choice of product, and much, much more.

Can I only use my 10%-50% offer on days that I am booked in for treatment?

You can utilise your 10%-50% offer at a time and day that suits you, this can be on the day of your appointment or another day entirely, it is up to you. Simply give your name at the counter and the friendly team will activate your FOOT CARE Plus Rewards Care Plan against your purchase[s], giving you an instant 10%-50% off the price shown on the sales floor. 

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Enjoy many benefits

Enjoy many benefits

A better standard

A better standard

Thorough foot health checks

Thorough foot health checks

Relax we've got it covered

Relax we've got it covered



Which FOOT CARE Plus Rewards Plan is right for me?

If the convenience of keeping your foot care needs up to date isn't enough, we also offer unmatched rewards. 10%-50% of any* brands in our stores whilst on the plan. Including footwear, foot care and accessories brands like Scholl, Skechers, FootActive, FootBalance, Daktarin, Flexitol and many more.

To get started, simply enquire in store with the team to discuss your needs or enquire using the form below.

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