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Using health shield to cover the costs of your private treatment

Self-referral and insurance need to know!

Contact your provider if you are in any doubt regarding your policy coverage prior to attending your treatment or consultation.

· Foot care are happy to accept self-referrals, ensure you confirm that the practitioner you utilise meets the claim criteria as set by health shield.

· Your insurance provider may require a GP/consultant referral prior to attending.

· Your practitioner will need to meet specific criteria for claims made with health shield.

· Please be aware that you will need to pay for your consultation and treatment fees in full and retrieve a formal letter headed receipt from foot care. You will then submit your invoice directly to health shield for reimbursement.

· Find out if you have an excess.

· Find out your policy fee limit to claim for consultations or treatments, as the policy holder will be liable for costs above the upper limit.

· Medication, splints and orthotics aren’t covered.


The team will discuss if self-pay fees apply.


Prior to attending your appointment, please ensure that you speak to health shield directly, or visit: How to Claim | Health Shield | Health Shield 

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