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Finding a product

We have a great store stock available in your store, whether this be: footwear, orthotics [arch supports], insoles, creams, sprays, umbrellas and much, much more .

Unfortunately, it isn’t currently possible to view what stock is available online and you would need to contact a store directly.


Do you sell online?

We no longer sell items online. This may be changed in the future and the site will reflect this accordingly.

Unfortunately, we made the decision to remove the e-commerce [online shop] element from our site  in early 2024. Due to the mixed and varied nature of a lot of the products we stock across a large number of different suppliers, it was felt best from a streamlining, and stock management point of view that we kept our stock locally and in our retail stores. 

Do you take telephone orders?

Yes, we can take an order over the phone, if it's an item we stock and subject postage and packaging.

What kind of brands do you stock?

We stock a large number of different brands, sourced from a variety of different suppliers, most of which are from the UK. We have a mix of wider specialist footwear, to evening wear as well as brands such as Skechers.

Accessories - such as umbrellas, lip balm and other body care range

Some items are seasonal, such as umbrellas in the rainy season.

Orthotic, arch-supports and medical aids

Available in store[s] as well as our custom made range of orthotics - store specific.

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