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When you buy any new electrical appliance such as GPS, radios, lanterns, torches, step counters, pedometers etc, you can take your waste electrical equipment to the a recycling facility by visiting to find the nearest recycling facility to you. It will then be dealt with in an environmentally responsible manner.

As a result of the new UK Legislation designed to address the environmental impact of WEEE, the company use a Distributor Take Back Scheme which enables our customers to take the WEEE to any of the recycling facilities listed in the website. WEEE can contain hazardous chemicals, which if put in landfill sites can have hazardous effects on human health and the environment and should therefore be disposed of separately from household waste.

Anything marked with the following symbol was produced after 13th August 2005 and will be classed as WEEE when it is no longer needed.

To find your nearest WEEE collection point visit More information can be found on the website or by calling the recycle-more helpline on 0845 068 2572.

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