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Private prescription cost

Buying Medication

Opting for a private prescription

Interested in private healthcare services and often wonder about the cost of private prescriptions?

In the UK, everyone is entitled to free healthcare via the NHS. There are, however, circumstances under which charges are attached to NHS services and treatment. NHS care can often be coupled with overcrowding or long waiting lists. For these reasons, many patients choose to go private for their healthcare.


NHS prescription fees

In England, all NHS prescription items are charged at a rate of £9.65. This is for each individual item on a prescription and not the total cost of the prescription itself.  If you pick up two or more items per month, it might be cheaper to order a prescription prepayment certificate PPC


Private prescription costs

Costs for private prescriptions can vary depending on what the medication is, its brand, whether it is a gerneric branded item or simply what they are for.

Our private prescription service works by seeing one of our private podiatrists, for your convenience we can prescribe the items you may need, subject to a consultation. 


Some examples may be:

  • Terbinafine for fungal nail infections

  • Curanail for fungal nail infections

  • Antibiotics for infected ingrowing toenail


We do not offer a delivery service for private prescriptions and ordering of the required prescribed items will take place usually on the same day, payment is required in advance, but you may be able to claim some of the cost of private prescriptions with your insurer - ensure to check with them first.


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