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Cats protection and FOOT CARE

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For a limited time get the name of your best friend listed 'in lights' prominently on our header page, under the 'Supporting Cats Protection' header. Make a donation below and e-mail us your beloved Kitties' name to, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We are incredibly proud of our corporate partnership agreement with the Cats Protection, joining with them in February 2023 to help fund-raise where we can. 

Did you know that the Cats Protection are the UK's leading cat welfare charity. Founded in 1927 they've helped countless cats and kittens over the years!

You'll find Cats Protection donation boxes across our stores, sometimes we receive bookmarks or pin badges too to thank you for your support - be sure to check your local FOOT CARE or simply donate online.

Frequently asked questions

Why fund-raise with the Cats Protection? - here's why:

Cats Protection is the leading cat welfare charity in the UK. Every cat in their care is given a health check, blood test, vaccinations, microchipped and neutered where necessary, which costs an average £150 per cat. Cats stay with them for as long as it takes to find them loving new homes – they never put a healthy cat to sleep. This vital care is only possible due to caring donations from people like you.

Cats Protection vision:

We are here to help people see the world through cats’ eyes

Since 1927 we have helped cats across the UK and helped people to better understand their needs. As a community of volunteers, employees, supporters and partners, we’ve improved the lives of millions of cats and transformed the way millions of people see and care for cats.

Our vision is a society where every cat has their best possible life because they are protected, cared for and understood by everyone.

This is not an easy thing to achieve, but that’s the point. It’s challenging and ambitious. But by moving towards it we’ll continually make the world better for cats and people.

We also have a clear definition of what we all do in Cats Protection – the mission we are on to deliver our vision.

We are a movement of people championing the welfare of cats. We lead society in a richer understanding of all cats and care for those that need our help.

This can be summed up by our purpose. If we can help everyone to better understand cats and their needs, we can help them to behave differently towards them, to care for them in the best way and to ensure the world appreciates and protects cats. That is why our purpose is:

To help people see the world through cats’ eyes.

You can kindly make a donation to the Cats Protection below, 100% of the amount raised goes to the Cats Protection.

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