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No charge for cancelling your appointment if you need to. Patients have the right to cancel their appointment ahead of the appointment time if they are unable to attend. Use the handy form below if your appointment is in 7 days or more, otherwise please contact the branch directly by telephone, it is considered good practice to agree a date for another appointment at the time of the cancellation where possible; it is important to confirm the patient’s availability for a future appointment.

Missed appointments & advanced payment [due to missed activity on account.]

However, Patients missing or cancelling 2 appointments [of any type & for any reason] within a 6 month period will be required to pay a DNA [Did not arrive] charge, this is usually 10% of the charge or £12 <whichever is greater> of the treatment, a link will automatically be sent to your mobile telephone number held on your medical record, your email or home address. The DNA charge must be paid before a further booking can be made. Patients on a 'treatment/care/pre-booking plan' will also be required to pay a charge or utilise a treatment from their pre-payment plan. Patients on a direct debit scheme will NOT be required to make a DNA payment, but will be required to make a rebooking as soon as possible. The DNA charging is set by our self-employed Practitioners.  Where there is subsequent or continued non-attendance, the Practitioner may consider whether is appropriate to discharge back to the referrer [if referral has been made by a doctor, hospital or trust].  As a very minimum, the organisation will be monitoring data around DNAs [Did not arrive], such as DNA rates by treatment type per month and making a local decision on what is an acceptable DNA rate for the organisation or specialty to meet. Payment for treatment may be taken via telephone for advanced payment processing, invoice [an invoice may be requested to be sent from the branch to a patient email account held on file] or payment in cash or card in person at a branch before confirmation of the future booking. The clinical team may consider contacting the Patient for repeated none-attendance. A letter and/or email will be sent to the Patient using the records on file [address or email] to alert of number of treatments missed. Foot Care reserve the right to seek compensation via a debt collection agency. Payment in advance will be lost if the patient misses a subsequent appointment that advance payment has been made for. By registering [attending Foot Care for treatment- you agree to the terms and conditions of treatment.] Foot Care reserve the right to not pre-book appointments on this basis should repeated none-attendance or short notice cancellations persist. Foot Care may send an invoice for outstanding payments showing on a Patient record. For Patients on a care plan or the direct debit scheme please see the 'paying for your treatment' page. Last revision: November 2020.

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Use the form below if you need to cancel or reschedule, if your appointment is  booked 7+ working days away.

A member of the team will be in touch soon

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