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Video consultation

We explain about our video consultations here

Online video consultations

At FOOT CARE, we try to make things simple.

If you can't get in to see a practitioner, but still feel you need advice?, book an online video consultation.

Booking an online consultation with selected practitioners allocates time in the system for a personal 1-2-1 video consultation just the same as in person appointment type would do.

What can be done during an online consultation?

Discussion of nail conditions,

Discussion of skin conditions,

Foot care advice,


Arrange emergency appointments,

Follow on consultations.

What does an online consultation entail?

1-2-1 with suitable practitioners,

A detailed history,

Address any concerns or injury,

Fast access to emergency care,

Under 18's will need parent or guardian.

How do I book an online consultation?

Simply select the link below to make a booking:

Book an online video consultation

Using private medical insurance to pay for treatment
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Ways to pay for private foot care using the FOOT CARE group

Private foot care is much more affordable than you may think!

There are multiple ways you can pay for your foot care:

  1. Pay in full with pay-as-you-go, use the book treatment page, over the telephone or in one of our clinics.

  2. Sign up or enquire for the FOOT CARE Plus Rewards plan to cover the cost of treatment, spread out or as ongoing care for routine treatment.

  3. Using your private medical insurance for pay-as-you-go or to cover your FOOT CARE Plus Rewards plan, such as Simplyhealth, Vitality or Health shield.

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