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Low income foot care scheme

We explain how to cover your foot care needs if you are on a low income and the eligibility criteria.

Find out if you are eligible for foot care treatment under our low income scheme

As part of our new approach to be a fully inclusive foot health solution, and as we move forward in the future, we have introduced a scheme for those that require essential and needed foot care but are on a low income.

Foot care is open to all the family living within a household on a low income.

Foot Muscles Model

Things to expect in a low income appointment type

  • Nail trim: [where a requirement on advice of the practitioner],

  • Involuted, infected nail,

  • Painful corn,

  • Athletes foot, infection management: [where a requirement on advice of the practitioner],

  • Wound care, [dressing change],

  • Non-invasive vascular checks: [where a requirement on advice of the practitioner],

  • Onward referral with general practitioner or hospital,

  • Emergency treatment for painful foot conditions, deep cracks in the skin [non-superficial],

  • Diabetes foot health-check: [where a requirement on advice of the practitioner],

  • Msk/ bio mechanicals [where a requirement on advice of the practitioner].

Due to the nature of the scheme, only 1 ailment or check will be per visit, appointments under the low income scheme are designed as a requirement for your ongoing health care not as a replacement to a regular, maintaining and healthy foot care routine. You will be on the scheme for as long as your practitioner deems a requirement and whilst still eligible under qualifying criteria. 

Who does this include?

At FOOT CARE you can be sure of getting the highest quality care, quickly.

Under our low income scheme, appointment types differ to our pay-as-you-go and direct debit private appointment types and are dependant on your assessed requirements. You can still expect the same standard of care, privacy and comfort as standard. 


Although appointment times can vary, you will still be charged the same flat rate fee depending on the appointment time, for 15 minutes will be BAND A, 30 minutes BAND B, or BAND C for times above this, they can be from 10 minutes for a low risk ailment or chat, a referral, or up to 50 minutes for a more in-depth appointment, these are different to our other appointment types where a number of ailments may be treated in one session. You may be required to make multiple visits over a period of time to fully treat a condition, it is important to follow your foot health providers advice.


Our low income scheme clinics may often run alongside our other clinics carrying out standard treatments' within the branch and only a specified number of appointments and clinics available throughout the month.


You will be provided a time and date to attend for treatment by the practitioner or reception team.


It is important that you arrive on time for the appointment provided, [or earlier if you are required to fill in a form], this is to ensure your appointment starts on time and to avoid delays with other patients requiring treatment.


In some cases you may be asked to reschedule if it is deemed that you are too late or fail to attend, repeated non-attendance may result in your ineligibility for this scheme.

​You are entitled to a reduced flat rate fee at foot care if you meet one or more of the below criteria:​

  • are registered as having diabetes, type 1 or type 2 diabetic and requiring an emergency appointment as assessed,

  • receive income based jobseekers, [not contribution based] or income support,

  • are usually entitled to free NHS podiatry services but are awaiting longer than 8 weeks, you may be eligible for a reduced flat rate at foot care,

  • receive universal credit,

  • are a prisoner on leave from prison,

  • are entitled to, or named on a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate,

  • are on a low income and named on a valid HC2 (full help) or HC3 (partial help) certificate.

You may be suggested to return for follow-up visits for continuity of care, at your follow up visits you may be required to submit your qualifying criteria each time.

If you meet the criteria above, please send an enquiry here with your foot conditions and proof of criteria. You will be added to a list and the team will reach out to you soon.


Exemptions to eligibility

If you are unsure about your eligibility for our low income scheme, or require a more specialised service please get in touch here.

Private foot care is much more affordable than you may think!

There are multiple ways you can pay for your foot care other than our low income scheme:

  1. Pay in full with pay-as-you-go, use the book treatment page, over the telephone or in one of our clinics.

  2. Sign up or enquire for the FOOT CARE Plus Rewards plan to cover the cost of treatment, spread out or as ongoing care for routine treatment.

  3. Using your private medical insurance for pay-as-you-go or to cover your FOOT CARE Plus Rewards plan, such as Simplyhealth, Vitality or Health shield.

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Health shield
Using private medical insurance to pay for treatment
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