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Aesthetics | skin tags and wart treatment for the body*

We explain about our aesthetics here

Skin tag and wart treatment

In addition to our foot health services, we also provide skin tag, wart and mole removal for the entire body*

Benign, removal of a skin blemish generally for cosmetic reasons.

In addition to our foot health services, we also provide skin tag, wart and mole removal for the entire body*, subject to consultation with an applicable practitioner[s].

  • Moles, skin tags, cysts and warts are skin growths that are usually completely harmless but can look unsightly.

  • They are usually harmless but can become troublesome if they catch on clothing or you cut them while shaving.

  • They can also be large, noticeable and situated in a prominent place, making you feel self-conscious about the way you look.

Many people choose to have them removed privately.

  • Private treatment & consulting room[s].

  • As part of the treatment; an assessment of your medical history, health and fitness will be carried out in order to proceed with treatment.

  • Our practitioner will assess and treat conditions relating to the removal of wart(s), mole(s) or skin tag(s), anywhere³¬ on the body [where clinically safe to do so & appropriate for ongoing care.]

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How does it work?

Warts will be frozen off with cold liquid nitrogen gas, while skin tags may be frozen or 'snipped' off with surgical scissors. Your practitioner will discuss the best option with you.

  • If you are currently taking antihistamines please allow 48 hours before your treatment, otherwise you may be asked to reschedule.

  • This treatment covers 1 visit for treatment & consultation [a maximum of 3 blemishes will be included in the treatment, multiple visits may be required for successful removal, in most cases smaller blemishes; such as skin tags may 'drop off' after 1 visit, but larger lesions may require further treatment .

  • The exact technique used will depend on size and location of the blemish & will be discussed during your consultation with the practitioner.

How do I book in for this treatment?

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Ways to pay for private foot care using the FOOT CARE group

Private foot care is much more affordable than you may think!

There are multiple ways you can pay for your foot care:

  1. Pay in full with pay-as-you-go, use the book treatment page, over the telephone or in one of our clinics.

  2. Sign up or enquire for the FOOT CARE Plus Rewards plan to cover the cost of treatment, spread out or as ongoing care for routine treatment.

  3. Using your private medical insurance for pay-as-you-go or to cover your FOOT CARE Plus Rewards plan, such as Simplyhealth, Vitality or Health shield.

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Using private medical insurance to pay for treatment
Health shield
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